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How Can Safety Awards Benefit Your Business?

Are you currently looking for a way to honor employees when it comes to safety? The fact is, when you honor employees for things such as hard work, ambition, motivation and safety, they tend to work harder for you. 86% of companies that have an employee recognition program cites they have seen an increase when it comes to worker happiness. Employees like to be recognized with premium awards such as a safety award plaque, years of service plaques and retirement plaques.

Recognize Safety Honors with Premium Awards

Nearly 87% of employees believe that safety recognition is a top priority. 96% of business have already made safety programs a priority. Individuals, teams, and departments need to be recognized for outstanding safety performance with a display that encourages continuous safety optimization. Safety award recognition is perfect for many businesses including manufacturers, retail, corporations as well as industrial organizations.

Different type

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A Step-By-Step DIY Guide To Tuning Your Piano

Is your piano sounding a little out of tune? Are you finding it doesn’t quite sound the same when you sit down to play?

If your piano sounds like it’s a little off, that means you’re probably overdue for a tuning. When it comes to piano tuning, one option you have is to visit a piano tuner or a piano technician and have them come out and do it for you. Another option is doing it yourself. It’s a little bit of a detailed job, but if you’ve got a strong year, an eye for detail, patience and time, you can make it happen.

So if you decide to do a piano tuning yourself, here’s what you’re going to need for the job:

  • Mutes: these allow you to test out your piano’s range of sounds as well as the volume. It’s recommended that you get a variety of them.
  • Chromatic tuner: this can be a little pricey, but it’s well worth it. This helps give your piano
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