Are you currently looking for a way to honor employees when it comes to safety? The fact is, when you honor employees for things such as hard work, ambition, motivation and safety, they tend to work harder for you. 86% of companies that have an employee recognition program cites they have seen an increase when it comes to worker happiness. Employees like to be recognized with premium awards such as a safety award plaque, years of service plaques and retirement plaques.

Recognize Safety Honors with Premium Awards

Nearly 87% of employees believe that safety recognition is a top priority. 96% of business have already made safety programs a priority. Individuals, teams, and departments need to be recognized for outstanding safety performance with a display that encourages continuous safety optimization. Safety award recognition is perfect for many businesses including manufacturers, retail, corporations as well as industrial organizations.

Different types of safety awards that can be given include safety achievements, safety spotlight, months of safety, safety training completion, safe driver, safety awareness, continuous safety improvement and safety leadership. Maintain, foster and build better employee interest and trust by giving safety awards. They are a clear motivator that encourages employees to work harder as well as safer.

Features Safety Award Plaques in Your Building

There is no better place for a safety award plaque than showcased in your building. Hang them in offices, lobbies and meeting rooms. Such unique decorations are manufactured by companies that offer different types of plaques that have a deep meaning.

An Elegant Safety Award Plaque Shows Appreciation

There are many ways to show you appreciate how safe your employees work. Consider having a crystal safety award plaque engraved with a heartfelt sentiment or thank you. Awards also play a vital role in reward programs when it comes to recognizing occasions and events. There are many reasons why it is imperative that you show employees you recognize their achievements with a safety award plaque.

A safety award plaque is a symbol of achievement that is unique. This is especially true when you choose exquisite designs to commemorate employee safety recognition programs. Honor employees that have met safety goals for the very first time and every time. Rewarding milestones for safety calls for premium award plaques that the entire staff can see.

The Many Benefits of Giving Safety Awards

There are many benefits to giving safety awards. By honoring an employee with a plaque, you are designating them as an individual that has desirable qualities, a strong work ethic and a great attitude. Their high achievement makes them a role model providing an example of how to work safe that should be emulated.

Safety awards also promote education. When an employee has just finished continuing education that benefits the safety of your business, honor them with an award. Their ongoing commitment to safety is something you want all employees to observe. Awarding continuing education keeps your employees striving for personal growth that benefits your business as a whole.

Customers also need to know how safe your company is. Award plaques displayed in the workplace is the perfect way to show everyone a great safety track record. Such accolades are perfect for viewing in hallways, lobbies and in areas where clients and customers congregate. It is the perfect way to showcase your employee’s safety while promoting a positive reputation and safety encouragement all while rewarding an employee’s accomplishments.

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