The pastor is the leader of any community. Pastors are neighbors, friends, listeners, and counselors. They answer questions and provide a shoulder to cry on. They get to know the people in the community, and they remember important events and dates. But the pastor can also be taken for granted and overlooked. Show your pastor how meaningful they are with a pastor appreciation plaque, a gift they can look at again and again to remember how much they’re loved.

Why Give a Pastor Appreciation Gift?

Because pastors maintain such a close relationship with God and because they’re such spiritual people, it can sometimes be easy to forget that they are actually people. Like anyone else, pastors can feel depressed, unappreciated, unloved, and unwanted. Even a pastor can experience the insecurities and uncertainties that plague us all. A pastor appreciation gift can be just the thing to remind these people how much they’re needed and how much their service means to any community.

Research indicates that showing appreciation is an effective way to increase happiness. Around 86 percent of companies that use employee recognition programs to give out rewards and incentives say that there is a noticeable increase in worker happiness thanks to these programs.

Around 91 percent of pastors have said in studies that they experience burnout, in some form or fashion, while serving in the ministry. This is a shockingly high number. A little recognition can go a long way toward preventing this sort of burnout. Something as small as a pastor appreciation plaque may just make all the difference. It can be a small and simple gift to give, but it’s something that any pastor will cherish and proudly display for many, many years to come.

When to Give a Pastor Appreciation Plaque

When is the best time to give a pastor appreciation plaque? Waiting for a special milestone can make for a memorable event. A 15 year anniversary gift, for example, can be given at a special party honoring the pastor. You can even use wedding gifts as a guide for pastor anniversary gift ideas. The traditional gift for a wedding anniversary is crystal on the 15th year. The 50th anniversary gift is known as the “Golden Anniversary” in a marriage, but it can be golden for a pastor celebrating 50 years as well. Gold is also appropriate as a retirement award for a well-loved, outgoing pastor. In the U.S., the average age of retirement is 63.

How Recognition Helps Everyone

According to a survey of people looking for a new place of worship, 69 percent said they connected with a member of the congregation beforehand. Often, that member is the pastor who leads the congregation. In fact, there is no congregation without a pastor to serve as a leader and an influencing, guiding voice. Show your community pastor how much they mean to your with a pastor appreciation plaque or another type or pastor appreciation gift. This will improve happiness for everyone, and help make the community a better place overall.

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