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5 Surprising Ways Jigsaw Puzzles are Good for Your Brain

Are you trying to find a serious brain activity? Then, look no further than your game cupboard. Your next brain workout can be found in a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle.

According to
studies, it is important to use different brain parts to prevent it from growing weak. And solving puzzles is the best way to cognitively engage your brain.

Yes, with this digital era, puzzles are growing in popularity. However, puzzles have been in existence since ancient times. The oldest known puzzle being a dissection of a square that’s mentioned by Archimedes in 250 BC.

There are different ways in which puzzles are good for your brain. Some of these include the following.

1. It Exercises Your Brain

Your brain has two hemispheres, each controlling different functions. For instance, the right side controls creativity while the left controls analytical and logical thinking. Both types of thinking are needed when solving a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle.

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Why Piano Restoration Is A Worthwhile Investment

For many musicians, there’s nothing quite like the sound of a piano. After all, musicians like Ray Charles, Norah Jones, Chopin and Elton John to name a few have endeared themselves in popular culture due to their piano prowess.

There’s no doubt that the sound of a piano is absolutely beautiful. It sounds that way because it’s a complex instrument with a lot of inner workings. There are more than 200 strings on the average piano and each of them has a different pitch. That’s to say nothing of the other parts of a piano.

Perhaps you have a piano at home and you have fond memories of family gatherings where everyone sat around the piano and sang songs. But maybe your prized piano has seen better days. Maybe some of the keys stick when you sit down to play or maybe you’re missing some keys altogether. Maybe there are signs of wear all over. Maybe the overall sound of the piano isn’t the greatest.

That’s where piano restoration services come in. Piano restoration preve

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